A Saucy Approach to Mr Him

Dear reader, I'm taking time to write to you over my lunch break.  The munching on my homemade seed cakes reminded me of a near delightful event Mr Him had yesterday.  As you know he's home alone this week flopping (my meaning of the word has now been enforced.)

So there he was,  flopping,  when the doorbell rang.  He answered it to be greeted by two attractive young ladies wearing aprons. 'This is going to be interesting,' thought Mr Him.

They opened their approach to him with 'what do you feel about vegetables? '

Mr Him didn't really know where this was leading so simply replied  'I'm getting more familiar with them this month thanks to my good lady.'

It turned out that the attractive young ladies were sort of offering him a meals on wheels but he'd do the cooking.  Basically they'd bring a box of ingredients over including vegetables and recipes and Mr Him would cook. I didn't ascertain, and not sure whether he did,  as to whether they would stay and eat it with him.

Over on my boring blog Mr Him. ..no he hasn't posted pics of the ladies and their aprons. .no he's posted a recipe of his own for you.  Butternut squash risotto. Here


  1. makes things interesting while 'flopping' for sure!

  2. I'm trying to picture what my husband would do if this had happened to him..... (all sorts of scenarios run through my head ;-) .... I have better pictures of you eating your seedcake.

  3. What's your email so I can respond to your comments? :) Happy Wednesday! I

  4. Your email still isn't showing up when you leave me a comment. Here's a tutorial for changing your profile from a "no reply comment" to show your email for responding to comments. See if this helps. http://happyhourprojects.com/blog-tips-are-you-noreply-commentblogger-com/
    Or just leave me your email in an email. Thanks!! :)

    1. Thanks. I'll try to sort that out. Maybe I'll email you my email. That might be easier.


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