Dear reader, it's sometimes difficult to write a blog when trying to inject humour into it.  Sometimes lines are blurred with poetic licence to make a better story. An exaggeration, alternate slant to the truth or via ommission.  Recently a reader interpreted my writing in a certain way and as a result I received some negatively which caused me to go back and add more factual content for clarity.   I found it quite upsetting to be reprimanded for something that didn't actually happen but they had interpreted as happening.  I wondered whether the time has come to give up.  However I enjoy your company too much and enjoy writing so you will have to endure me for a bit longer.  Sorry about that.

This week my big event was going to the O2 arena to see Adele.  You have heard of Adele haven't you?  A cockney lass with powerful voice. A lot of cockney lasses have powerful voices but you wouldn't want to hear them belting out at the O2 I can assure you.  It's bad enough hearing them belting across the streets of Croydon.

Adele was on stage for almost two hours.  She didn't have a support act first.  That alone was superb in that concert goers got her for the full show.  She relates to the audience and was chatting, doing selfies with them and is quite the comedian too.

Miss 21 in silouette

Adele asked the audience to turn on their phone torches to light up the stadium

Miss 21 decided we had to leave 15 mins from the end but we only missed Rolling in the Deep! ! Only! !

I shall be downloading 25. I wasn't so keen on that album at first but it's grown on me. 


  1. What a wonderful experience.
    There is a few people that make comments that I don't like as well, My opinion is they don't have to read our blogs then.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. glad you had a good time at Adele. Now I see why people make comments visible after approval. Sorry about your experience, hope it doesn't deter you from blogging.

  3. It seems to me that if this is your blog YOU get to decide what's on it (and not anyone else)! How sad that you had to miss one of the best Adele songs.

  4. Lucky you, I love her album. Glad you are staying, would miss you if you stopped.

  5. Hello Anna
    I'm sorry you've had to deal with a negative reader interaction that was based on their interpretation rather than anything that you intended.

    I often wonder why people seem to take great delight in doing this? We are writers of personal blogs and we write to entertain, amuse and have something to remember bits of our lives by. Of course there's interpretation in what we write.


    Keep on writing as we love to read about your life!

    SSG xxx

  6. Oh lawd. One time I wrote a humorous piece and several folks took it literally and then blasted me in the comments. It was awful. But Adele is not.

  7. It's your blog... don't let those negative folks get to you.... I figure if I write a blog of explanation I'll just create more misunderstanding... and as in Gone With the Wind, frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!

  8. I shall be cross if you give up. Don't even think about it. Negative comments? Paff, I say. Ignore it and delete the comment.

  9. People need to just stfu if they don't like something. Go read something else.


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