Egg Futures

Dear reader,  we are embarking on egg futures. 

 I'm not sure that they are listed on an exchange as yet but no doubt they will be soon.  Sydney, Chicago Mercantile,  London and the Deutsch Borse may be knocking on our door any second. In fact to get things started I marched into Bloomberg's offices. 

I have to say I was disappointed that they were not as enamored as I at the revelation that Mr Him has become an egg futures entrepreneur.

How did this new entrepreneurship happen you wonder? Well, he took some surplus eggs to work.  Two of his colleagues took boxes home.  The next day one of those colleagues sidled up to Mr Him. 'Can I have first refusal on the next box?'

Mr Him replied that Anna M is taking the next box to work for one of her colleagues. 

'How about if I give you a tenner in advance? ' 

If that's not egg futures I don't know what is! A tenner for future laying!
Mr Him proceeded to tell me that his colleague's wife wants to turn vegan.  The only thing stopping her is that she likes our eggs. 


  1. Remember us little people when you are rubbing shoulders with fellow capitalists like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet!

  2. I'm eating a lot at the moment, as part of my "soft" diet.

  3. Wow, I need to find a customer like that when I get some chickens, then I could retire on the profits :)

  4. Lovely post. Last night a fox broke through our garden fence after a bees nest in the lawn. I say broke through advisedly - he really smashed his way through a fence panel. How do you manage with your chickens?


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