The Compelling of Mr Him

Dear reader,  I have this week seen the husband that the wife is blissfully ignorant of. The husband in his natural habitat, where he speaks as he means.  The wife, no doubt, blissfully thinks her 'special' nurturing or training is for the best for mankind.

Let's take my male colleague who sits opposite me as an example.  Most of the time I don't see him as he types behind his computer screen.  His wife has just gone into hospital for a hip replacement.  I said to him,  'you can watch TV in the evenings now.' (she normally dominates the tv). His head emerged around the computer screen at a 45 degree angle to it.  'Can I, ' he said in a flat tone and disappeared back behind the screen.
' ah, I suppose you have to go to visit in the evenings don't you. '

His head emerged at 45 degrees, 'yes'.

It goes back behind screen. 
'I'm thinking of having volume control fitted,' drifts towards me from behind the same screen.

'How long is she in for? ' I ask.
'Not long enough. '

My story does not end there.  On approaching a desk elsewhere I join a conversation on oils.

'My wife compelled me to buy coconut oil,' I hear.  My ears pricked up 'goodness, how does she do it?  I'd like to have a go at that.'  I say thinking of Mr Him.

Compelling, what a wonderful idea.  Such a strong word.  A word you can do a lot with. That evening I tried a compulsion on Mr Him.  It involved preparing me green vegetables for supper.

I think I need practice.  I clearly overdid it. 

Tonight I had a text from Mr Him, 'I know you are having broccoli for supper but what else are you having?'  I actually stopped reading at broccoli as I realised I hadn't lift that darned compulsion.

For clues as to how we have come to this, the compelling and 'special' nurturing nagging, special nurturing, let's remind ourselves of how it may have begun, when we were in our youth, here 


  1. Someone doesnt like vegetables. Wow the conversation with that first coworker Some people are so uncommunicative. Hopefully he talks to his wife more

  2. The vegetable compulsion is one I would love to use. My partner believes that they are the garnish you put on a plate to make the meat look better. And in that (but nothing else) he is a minimalist and skips garnishes. Except for potato and tomato which have honorary meat status.

  3. You weren't by chance talking with my husband, were you? Nah.... he may be a man of little words, but he loves his veggies.


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