Birthday Weekend Episode One

What a weekend dear reader.  Someone not a million miles from this blog had a birthday.  Someone not a million miles from this blog has decided to  have another one next weekend.  Not that I'm  greedy. 

On Saturday night we had family drinks in our local (English for drinking establishment or watering hole. ) In attendance were Miss 21, Mr Him,  the automotive engineer boyfriend of Miss 21, the yogurt churner extraordinaire  (remember him here and here) , the rescuing girlfriend in orange Clio ( remember her here.)  And finally the mother of yogurt churner and coincidentally the mother of his twin brother.  It's great that the younger generation are now old enough to join us for a night out with a beer or two. 

For entertainment we played with a selfie stick and then conversation turned to what fish they each had.  'I've upgraded to a Tiger Shark, ' said Mr Him.   'I've got Megalodon,' trumped it from the automotive engineer.  Miss 21 has an electric shark.  I know that if i played this phone game I'd have frog spawn.

I made conversation discussing the benefits of coconut oil with the rescuing girlfriend in the orange Clio.  (BTW do not put this on your hair if you aren't staying locked in your house in the dark for 3 days, more on that another day.)

A pleasant evening was had by all.  Episode two of birthday weekend Series One is later this week.  Remember to set a reminder to read.  Series Two is next week. 
In the meantime entertain yourself with my boring blog here. It will give you hummus houmous hummus tips, not humour tips, and other fishy stories this week.   In fact why not add my Mutton style blog to your reading list so as you do not miss anything boring. 


  1. Happy Birthday Anna! Sounds like a wonderful party number one!

  2. Happy Birthday and local watering hole sounds like an amazing place to celebrate

  3. Happy Birthday, Anna!

    I'm intrigued about the coconut oil...

    SSG xxx

  4. Happy Birthday! My friend Jean started celebrating her birthday for an entire week when she turned 80. Looks like you figured out that angle WAY before that! Way to Go!


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