Feed Me

I think I must be giving out 'feed me' vibes.

As I sat in the staff room today a colleague strolled in with a trolley on which were sandwiches and crisps. 'Help yourself, ' he said.  I had a two three handful s of crisps. I was good.

Later in the day another colleague sidled up to me and said, 'would you  like this voucher for salad.' Salad, now that's a safe bet given my diet.  The voucher was for  £40 discount on salad!   That's some salad! 

On leaving the building you'd think I was safe from further offers temptation.  Ding goes the lift,  I step in,  a colleague says ' did you get some pasta to take home? '

Well no!  I got a voucher for  £40 of salad! (Cheated I think to myself. )
My pasta talking colleague told me to go to HR. Complaint tingling on my lips, I left the lift and headed for HR, where I was given some  pasta, 3 boxes. The complaint fell silent. 
Why was food being hurled at me and can you have some you are no doubt wondering.

 Firstly a lunchtime meeting had finished and left over food is traditionally brought out to other staff to scavenge.  Secondly my voucher was donated by a colleague who had obtained one from HelloFresh,  a box company whereby ingredients and recipes are delivered to your door. The hitch is I'd have to set up a regular subscription. I'm thinking on that one. (I wonder whether they do dates and chocolate balls of gorgeousness.)  The pasta was donated by Dolmio on a marketing drive, a big marketing drive. It seemed the whole town was wandering around clutching boxes of pasta when I left the office, finally.  

I wonder what tomorrow will bring. 


  1. It sounds like a very good day to me!

  2. I don't know where you work, but I've never worked at a place like that... we even paid for our cup of coffee. I'd say you're doing okay ;-)

    1. Well the company wasn't giving away food, apart from the left overs on the trolley. We were lucky Dolmio packs were delivered all over the town. The automotive engineer will be eating the ones I brought home.

  3. Freebies could save a lot on your weekly shop and always taste so much better when they are free!


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