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Dear reader,  a few weeks ago I went to London and partook of a Moroccan meal in a restaurant in Covent Garden that I love.  I was with 2 friends and we had a good chat, food and wine in the corner of a subdued lit alcove perched on cushions.  

Today, at home, I am going to cook a lamb dish with harissa paste. I will perch Mr Him on a pile of cushions in a corner and apply subdued lighting.  There Mr Him can enjoy food, cooked by me, a good chat with himself and wine.  Recipe link here on my boring blog. Cushions and photos of Mr Him not supplied. Today also sees me still full of energy, mind you I have discoveredd the radio station 'Gold' which has seen Mr Him and I dancing (that hip and elbow thing we did in our youth)  to 'Rockin' all over the world' in the kitchen.  
Today, however, is tinged with sadness as that British icon Terry Wogan has passed. So sad. I grew up to his dulcet tones in the kitchen as my mum always had radio 2 on.  I saw him a couple of years ago as I went to a dinner hosted by him for Children in Need. 

I digress. After the meal, on that particular Saturday in London, we walked the streets of London to see the London Lumiere. It was on for two nights only and was an illuminated display  by artists around the city. 

Leicester Square 

Leicester Square

fish flying along Regent Street

More fish in Regent Street
As a bonus I have also put up a recipe for healthy chocolate balls of gorgeousness, here 


  1. Love them lumieres they look wonderful, thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm going to have to look up "harissa paste".... didn't see where to find your recipe on your blog page. Sounds interesting... did the Mr have to smoke a hookah while nestled among the pillows?

    1. If you press recipe here on my blog page it should take you to bbc good food. Maybe it didn't as you are outside the UK. The BBC are funny like that.


The One in Which Mr Him Dances

.. .and he wondered why his hips hurt the next morning!