Anna wears Prada ....

(...I wish)

When the year turned to 2016 I followed a tip of bloggers and turned my hangers around. I'm talking about clothes here, in case of confusion ( Mr Him was quite disturbed when I first mentioned this to him ).  Once June ends I will see what I haven't worn and decide what to give away as the hangers are turned the correct way as the clothes are worn.   For clothes that are kept in a drawer this is not so easy.  I can't turn them around,  upside down or condense into one drawer.  I decided on  a transition pod or holding vessel.   I've decided to  put what I've worn into a plastic crate with a lid.  Once it's full I'll hopefully be able to clear a drawer and swap around.  The end of June should see the crate containing what I  haven't worn instead.   Not ideal as I now have a box on my bedroom floor but if they aim is a clear out in July maybe it's a useful inconvenience. 

How has my diet gone? 

Monday morning saw me full of a lot more energy than usual,  for a Monday. I bounded up to colleagues and made networking lunch dates. I listened in meetings, and contributed. This is unheard of and I am certainly not one for power munching lunching.  By Thursday I was having meetings with myself in the shower.  Many a work problem was solved under lather. When Friday arrived I was even volunteering to re-write other departments procedures, my way. 

 Diet Mutton Style has turned me into  an office power player.  Now where are my Prada shoes?  

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  1. Glad your diet is going well, it sounds that way!

  2. Good for you, we eat lots of the right foods now and are never hungry anymore, works wonders. Keep it up .

  3. It sounds like you are going really, really well.
    Prada? Only if they do flats.

  4. Blimey woman, I dunno what you are eating, but you have gone wild.... Can hardly keep up with you....

  5. I've heard of that hanger thing... if I ever have a real closet I might try it. Anything that gives a person more energy has to be good... go for it!


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