Mr Him is Beautified

Dear reader, once again I've been lapse.  Mr Him has not really had any adventures recently, thank goodness. My young on line shopping genius did, unfortunately.  She aquaplaned in her car and had a very frightening experience.  15 stitches on her skull and concussion later and my motherstolic measure it still at the ceiling.  She is still off work on recuperation.

Last Thursday Mr Him, I and the young online shopping genius went out for a day to a, wait for it with baited breath, a beauty show, as part of her recuperation. Mr Him won 'father of the year' award from some of the stall holders for accompanying his daughter to a beauty exhibition.  We didn't let on that it was the other way around!

Mr Him is exfoliated (not enough)
 After Mr Him had partaken of a facial, he accompanied the young on line shopping genius to have a make over.  She was very taken with IT cosmetics.  An American brand coming to the UK soon. She also fell in love with Ego hair straighteners and ordered some immediately.  Meanwhile, I  booked Mr Him a skin analysis. The result of the analysis is that he needs blurring.  I could have told them that!  I've been saying it for years.

Yesterday, the skin analysis company were on TV selling their products. Mr Him tapped that app and bought a lorry load of blurring product.  He's promised me he'll wear it every day.  I'm looking forward to that. In the meantime I will blur him out by keeping up my wine intake. 


  1. Sounds like you trying to make Mr Him into a new younger one, hmm if it works let me know.

  2. I have never heard of IT cosmetics, despite being American. I am likely not young enough nor posh enough.

  3. Gosh so sorry to hear about the accident though.


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