A Spring in February Walk and Pub Visit

Dear reader, I'm sorry for you that I have been MIA.  I have been updating my boring blog with a few boring bits but as you are a discerning reader I must assume that you do not read that.  You will therefore not know  that I was MIA at a conference. This was followed by MIA in a new department at work which I am temporarily leading, in addition to my own special MIA I do when Mr Him has an idea.  However during my MIA I did sneak in some research for you.  I had an evening in a Wetherspoons.  This particular one was focused around HG Wells and his novels.  There's a rather attractive clock on the ceiling

which runs backwards, being a time machine..

However, this Saturday Mr Him had an idea which I found appealing so I went FIA. Yes, he found me. In fact it was  as soon as I heard 'pinot' that he found me. I didn't wait for the rest of the sentence. I thought it was going to be a mighty fine idea,  and it was.  His idea was that we must do more  'research' for you, after a dog walk around Ardingly Reservoir.

The water looks low this year.  Yes, we have had a dry winter. 

Interesting. Especially as it's our drinking water.

Sailing lessons being enjoyed in the sunshine

Mr Him has Luna under control.  Sheep are nearby.


Grasses blowing in the breeze

I can see the appeal of fishing.  A nice sleep.

Catkins are out.

Now, the pub and the dogs. 

We visited the Ardingly Inn. Being a village pub we were fairly sure that dogs would be allowed but I did pop in and ask first before Mr Him sauntered in with our beasties.   

Being Spring in February the fire was not on.

Ales... not Mr Him's thing. 

A homely atmosphere with arm chairs, sofa and the look of a book case.  It's actually wall paper but effective.

Farming implements of days gone by.

Duck decoy maker sign from that famous London street, The Strand. 

I'd made myself comfortable on the sofa

and worried that staff would make themselves comfortable on me. 

The dogs were not going to make themselves comfortable on the chairs, or me.

Mr Him was comfortable on the sofa.


  1. Lovely photos and that pub looks cosy.

  2. Love the research that you are doing for our benefit I can almost taste the pinot all the way over here in southern California.

  3. More research! Thank you for all the educational work you are doing. Looks like a cozy place! -Jenn

  4. What a charming, dog-friendly pub! Isn't research fun?

  5. Is this a visual example of contract law, an "invitation to treat", Anna?! The reservoir is beautiful and I'm so pleased Mr Him understands the importance of fluid intake after exercise.

  6. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos! Welcome back!

  7. Vital that you keep up your strength after a long walk.


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