Our weight in Food and the Youths Explore the Local Woods

Last weekend was 18c, somewhere, not in my garden. It was meant to be in my garden but somewhere else got there first.  Still we made the best of our 12c.  We had Mr Him's family visit and between us ate 2.6kg  of gammon, almost.  I put some left overs in the freezer.  We also ate 2.5kg of potatoes, some carrots, cabbage and then a whole large home cooked apple pie and 15 gallons of custard.  Mr Him's mum and I polished off a bottle of wine between us. She looked very pleased about that after her second glass.

After the family left with their extra luggage, for which an airline would have charged an excess kilo fee, the son of Mr Him, the Automotive Engineer, Miss 21 and I decided to walk off our share of these kilos.  Here follows pictures of our walk in our local wood, which is soon to be built on.  The young people found themselves exploring new pathways, finding tree houses and climbing a victim of the recent storm Katy.  Good old fashioned, non-electronic fun.

Bluebells are starting to peek out

Is it an Ent?

Giant Moss worms!!

Just need snow and it could be Narnia

Is it a tree house? Who built it?  

Victim of recent storm

Lion King

Miss 21 also took some pictures.

With the wood checked on we stumbled home.


  1. SUCH a shame it isn't going to be built over. It does look like somewhere that the very lucky might find the missing Entwives.

  2. What nice family get together the walk off the kilos os good.

  3. too bad the woods are being built over...so called progress

  4. You eat in metrics!! (The 'bottle of wine' part I understand.)

  5. Nothing like a bit of fresh air to walk off those extra pounds.

  6. I had to google Gammon.... ah yes... the Easter Ham! Tasty!

  7. Great pics! Oh now I don't have to google Gammon (I see the comment above). Everything sounded delish. Love the photos from your walk!


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