Photographic Garden Moments

Dear Reader,  today is a rain day.  It reminds me that one,  I have not much to write and two, with not so much to write and being British I will tell you about the weather. Here is a picture of our town in the rain a couple of weeks ago.  We had a months rain in a morning, apparently.  This is a picture a local resident took.

To safeguard our garden from the onslaught creative gold was struck once again by  the 20 year old Online Shopping Genius (daughter).

With the rain out of the way creatures emerged to enjoy the warmer meteorological conditions

and friends far afield decided to grab the sunshine moment and throw a bbq.  I dug out a kimono, for me not Mr Him, and Mr Him and I journeyed to Folkestone.  Here I struck creative gold myself (its clearly a family trait) and persuaded Mr Him to drive home leaving me to indulge the afternoon away with a few, a fair few, of these.

Now, don't get me wrong, he didn't leave me in Folkestone. No, I couldn't risk Mr Him loose to his own devices for an afternoon, goodness knows what would be flopped and in what darn colour!  No, he had to stay within range whilst I was introduced again and again to Mint Mojitos.

We did walk (before too many mojitos hit)  around our friend's garden and captured photographic moments for you.

little designer bird house

mirror in the dell

so that's what to do with the empty wine bottles!


Wannabe Statue of David


  1. That's a little too much rain. I read once that in Roman times Britain was warmer and wetter, so that grape vineyards grew everywhere. Maybe the toga is soon to come back into fashion there.

  2. Our weather boffins have been promising us rain. They have lied like pigs in the mud. And I see why. You have it.
    Those mint mohitos look dangerous. Delicious, but dangerous.

  3. It's raining here as I type this.... is it okay to have a mint mojito at 5:57 in the morning? Maybe if I were in that gorgeous garden?

  4. It's barely rained all summer long. We could use some of that. Send it our way when you're done with it, yeah?


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