A Party Game for Horrible People

Last Friday night dear reader, we had friends over for the evening.  It was balmy,  very balmy and Mr Him was surrounded by the 3 A's. Anna, Antony and Andy. He didn't let that spoil his fun and told us to call him a Adipstick for the night, along the lines of 'I'm A dipstick,' when he forgot to pour himself a drink. We obliged. 

Adipstick and Antony drove off in search of good old English fish and chips. Having hunted and foraged for food they  returned and we all settled in the kitchen with the patio door open to let in the sounds of a summer evening, such as the gentle whoosh of petals closing on the daisies and the gentle drone of mosquito wings. 

Then we adjourned to the patio to watch the dusk settle around us, not to mention the bats that fluttered over our heads.  The wine flowed, mostly in Adipstick's direction, the candles were lit and an ambiance was created. 

A game of Cards against Humanity was played and had us laughing in a bad taste sick sort of manner. This game is not for the faint of heart, be warned.  It belongs to Andy and Antony I feel obliged to explain.

Evening flights of holiday makers cast across the night sky to Gatwick. Antony advised us this is a Thompson flight from somewhere exotic like Magaluf. 

How did he know!  He had an app for that! (Flightradar 24). I immediately downloaded said app and can see it giving me hours seconds of fun in the summer as I sit in the garden. 


  1. I had to google Cards Against. Really liked this bit of the blurb 'Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.'
    Guilty as charged. Too often.

  2. We LOVE to play CAH! I envy one of my friends who has all of the expansion packs; I only have two.

  3. We LOVE to play CAH! I envy one of my friends who has all of the expansion packs; I only have two.

  4. Living under Heathrow's flightpath, I would be inundated with flight info. I'm just glad they don't come down too soon!

  5. we've moved farther away from the city (Toronto) so are not over the flight path for the big aeroplanes. Enjoy seeing them, but not hearing them! I'll pass on the card game.

  6. I have heard of that game from my son, I thought it may be 'fun' but son said he would not want to play with us!! xx

  7. There must be an app for everything by now!

  8. My daughter has been trying to get me to play this, says it would be right up my alley.

    She's calling me despicable, isn't she.


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