The Soprano

Dear reader,

Mr Him had a touch of the Sopranos last Friday. I have to tell you that I didn't like it and immediately told him to get in the shower.  Ladies, if your man succumbs in such a way do pack him off to be deluged in water, and cold tar soap if possible.  

We were going out with friends.  I had dressed in my best Olivia John outfit.  Bardot top in black and black trousers.   Maybe this is what caused the outbreak for Mr Him pranced around the room singing, 'Tell me more tell me more.' ,This was much to the cats dismay. The cat, who was curled up on the bed,  abandoned such warm spot for another without accompanying catawalling.  Grease was on Mr Him's mind, and it wasn't  long before it hit his darn head. 

I had turned my back not one minute before the Sopranos hit.  In the room with me,  and thinking he was going out with me  (a thought too far) was the ruddy Godfather! 

He had swamped his hair in some slick from the 50's. This was not good.  

Tell me more turned into 'you talking to me' spoken nasally. 

I packed him off to the shower.  Nothing less than a hair wash was going to solve this nightmare. 

Now that's better isn't it.  Video here.  I call it the Reformed Soprano


  1. Oh well, at least he didn't put on John Travolta's white leisure suit from Saturday Night Fever and start making those signature moves. (I know, different Travolta movie but I have an active imagination, so sue me.)

  2. So funny. Never a dull moment with Me Him around. You were in your Sandy outfit so I'm guessing the shower was cold! Hope you had a fun time.

  3. We he was having fun and look like got your goat !

  4. Always a joy to visit and smile...or even laugh!


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