Miss 18 and Sioux City

Dear reader , I'm not sure whether you have gathered but we are on our annual holidays.  Once again we are in the  Canary Islands.  This time as you would have gathered Miss 18 has joined us. Miss 18 has not featured in my posts but now she's 18 she's fair game as blogvictim.
This week we took miss 18 to a wild west replica town, yes in Spain.  We had the most amazing day at Sioux City. 
Our inevitable  video is below

Video of Sioux City 

This year we have come to  Gran Canaria. It's our first visit to this island. 


  1. Enjoy your vacation, wow a year passes so quickly I remember last year when you were in the Canary Islands.

  2. Gotta have vacations we did for years now we enjoy this full-time vacation even much more. Have too much fun there.

  3. That bottom photo sure passes for the Wild West.

  4. I hope all of you have a WONDERFUL time.

  5. Hope you had a good whoop-up in Sioux City with lots of Jack Daniels and gunfights.

  6. Enjoy! We have been a lots of times to Lanzarote! Also very nice!


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