Mr Him Visits Goats

Now that that advert for my Facebook page is out of the way back to the Anna lifestory.  We had Father's Day of course since my Oslo post.  Knowing how Mr Him likes his inner goat (see herding-goats here) what could be more fitting than taking him to see goats, climbing goats at that.  

So with eagerness in my mission I bundled Mr Him, Miss 22, Mr 26 and Mr 26's dad into my car.  Yes, 2 father's days in one.  A take one, get one free sort of drive to see goats. 

Did they enjoy the day.  Here are the pics, and of course there is the inevitable video.

They are enamoured!

Mr Him (left) is clearly delighted with his outing

The goats

the video bit click here


  1. Great idea for Father's Day!

  2. Buy one, get one free?
    Love the goats.

  3. Interesting coffee-drinking backdrop. G's dad is looking well. What a special dad's day surprise you arranged, kind lady.

  4. Goats are the best! So are two dads, if you can manage it.

  5. Two Dads in one trip ... good idea.
    I too like those goats.

    All the best Jan

  6. The men who stare at goats?


The One in Which Mr Him Dances

.. .and he wondered why his hips hurt the next morning!