Highdown Garden

Dear reader 

He did it again.  Mr Him,  the man living on the edge of taste.  Whilst last Friday was about all things Grease by Tuesday there was new eccentricity.  I had asked him to make scrambled eggs.  Simple you'd think.  Not much room for eccentricity.  Wrong!

Mr Him wandered the garden for inspiration. Not to the chicken coop where one would suppose scrambled egg inspiration would come.  No. He wandered to the flower borders. Here he gathered herbs of an 'interesting' kind, and I say herbs loosely.  He raided the  lavender, and added it to the eggs as he whisked.

It was another taste sensation too far. Believe me.  

Looking into cooking with lavender it seems there are varieties that lend themselves to culinary ventures.  I think our garden lavender didn't.  I asked my French friend,  the Nat Nav,  what she'd do with lavender.  If anyone would know about lavender in food it would be someone French.  She said, 'put it in a scent.'  'not eggs then! ' I replied. 

She laughed.

Talking of flower borders we visited Highdown Gardens recently with Mr Him's dad and stepmum.

And here are the pics, but first lunch, 

mushrooms in batter with mayo

or rather pudding.


Mr Hims

Mr Him's dad.  Note the T shirt. I see where Mr Him gets 'it' from .

Stepmum's icecream

we tried to catch a dragonfly on film

former lime kiln

A very chalky area.  Think white cliffs of Dover.  They run all along the south coast.

Gorgeous colour of this old post box

Time for a cuppa.  Hey, we're English.  We like our afternoon tea.


  1. LOVED walking with you. Want those mushrooms and your dessert looked much the best.
    Lavender in cooking is becoming quite popular. Trendy even. Sigh.
    It makes me think of the song about Earl Grey tea - 'is it perfume or is it pee...?' And this tea drinker loathes earl grey. And lady grey.

  2. Wow, those are all quite the desserts! And not a speck of lavender in any of them, I warrant.

    I've had lavender in chocolate and in shortbread. Not a terrific taste sensation, in my opinion.

  3. If I had a choice, I would choose the desserts (any of them!) over the lavender eggs. I would love to go on that garden tour, it all looks so lush and beautiful. -Jenn

  4. Afternoon tea I like that too, but can not imagine lavender in my eggs?

  5. Never eaten lavender. Hmm. Mr Him tries. Lovely outing, thanks for sharing the lovely gardens.

  6. Lavender in fresh cream is nice on scones, not sure I would be that keen in eggs.

  7. Those desserts look amazing, being the chocoholic that I am. Last year I had afternoon tea at Magazine in Hyde Park and they served a non-alcoholic option elderberry cocktail infused with lavender. It tasted lovely, but, as you say, it depends on the lavender I suppose.

  8. The garden photos were nice, but I kept going back to the deserts.... wooohooo!

  9. Why oh why did he think that would work. I'm imagining the egg lavender infusion and all I'm getting is yuck!
    Great photos, interesting place to visit I'm sure. Love the hollyhocks!

  10. What a very nice outing, thanks for sharing your photographs.

    All the best Jan


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