A Quick Trip to Norway

Dear Reader

Norway had the misfortune to entertain me  Sunday last.  They had to endure me as I had been asked to talk at a seminar.  I decided to go over Sunday morning rather than evening so as I could see some of the city of Oslo.  It was the furthest north I have been and I have to say that it was strange flying home south and to warmer weather, when you are a Brit.  I flew over with two peer colleagues.  Friends also talking but from other companies.  We know each other well though having glided to Brussels together last year, here.

My peer friend Tom (last introduced to you here ) and I spent the afternoon  sight seeing and picture taking.  At one point he said, "I think we make cities look good."  I almost choked. I did choke.  I mean him and I, a vision upon the landscape. Really!  I recovered and burst into laughter.  Then I realised he meant our photos made cities look good.  Phew!

So here are my photos in which we make Oslo look good. (seriously Oslo can make itself look quite good enough without my help.)  

Tom heading to the church

Absoltuely stunning lighting inside this church.  I have never seen a church like this

Hard Rock Cafe of Oslo

The Palace (known locally as the King's palace)

I thought this is where US Quaker architecture partly derives

Inside the restuarant where we had our evening meal. Just a pizza

Norwegian open sandwiches for lunch in the office on Monday

The port view from the roof of the office

I loved going up to the roof in the seminar breaks

The airport train has TV in every carriage

Orange water in reception of the hotel

moose sausages (like salami really but moose)

 a little bar restaurant where Tom and I ate on Sunday lunch

The outside of the bar

trolls are everywhere

This is 'school cake' it was served in the office Monday afternoon 

There is more on the video on YouTube here 


  1. Norway's on my bucket list, lucky you, enjoyed the photos thanks!

  2. Norway? Colour me jealous.
    And you DID make it look good. Very good. Not sure about 'school cake' though.

  3. I had no idea was Norway looked like (or at least, Oslo). Ironically, a colleague just returned from there. She had no idea what clothing to pack, in terms of climate. -Jenn

  4. Stunning and beautiful place. Good post xx

  5. We've not been there... yet. But your photos sure put it on my list of "must do".

  6. Looks like a wonderful place to visit and love your photos. More sightseeing than work is a good thing.

  7. It's a lovely city and your photos do compliment it. Looks like you had a good time. Spooky, I travelled to Oslo on DFDS from Copenhagen, your pic brought back memories.
    Thanks for sharing your fab trip, hope there was a gap in the eating and drinking for the talk :-).

  8. Nice trip! But I think the lighting installers for the Hard Rock Cafe got lost and installed those neon lights at the church instead.

  9. Love your photographs ...

    All the best Jan

  10. Thanks for taking us with you. Love that they supplied treats in the office.

  11. What a lovely place to visit, and which you have captured well in those photos. Warm greetings!

  12. Norway looks like an interesting place to visit.

    Lovely photos, thank you for sharing them with us.


  13. Thank you for those pictures tempting me to go to Oslo. It looks very Germanic (although don't tell them that!) The open sandwiches look great.


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