South Of England Show Once Again

Dear reader, I hope you have got over the tethering.   I have given you a few days to adjust.  In the meantime Mr Him and I have had a few further adventures. It's ok, you can read on.   Do you remember when Mr Him went 'a modeling' here mr-him-knew-his-day-would-come .

Well since then Mr Him and the Barmah seller have become firm friends. Such firm friends that on Friday last week we all went out to dinner, to celebrate Mr Him selling a mighty er, not one hat, nor boot.  Anyway despite Mr Him not have been a success in the modelling arena we did have a very lovely meal and fun.  

The next day we visited the South of England show, as we do each year.  Our friend gave us free tickets this year which saved us £42.  

I did a video for you this year. click on this youtube link.South of England show

And here are the inevitable pics. 

Our friend's stall of Aussie clobber

And here is more steam punk 




  1. Looks like a fun day, except for the sunburn.

  2. Fun yup ! Walking drinking, eating, drinking, watching, all fun except the sunburn

  3. Not envious at all of the sunburn, however it would be nice to get a little bit of heat in the sun now and again. I don't think we have got above 18 degrees.

  4. Looks such a fun day, loved all of your photo's.

    All the best Jan

  5. You certainly had the weather for it this year; maybe a bit too much of it, poor MH.

  6. Supper looks better than lunch to me... but it all looks like a great day of fun.


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