Meet up with Mary, Wakehurst Gardens, and the Potential to Send Mr Him to Mars

Dear reader,  once again Mary the Pouting Pensioner and her charming husband were brave enough to meet Mr Him, although they did request a Walk of Foundness rather than Lostness,  when given the choice.  I can't imagine why!

  Mr Him could not escape our town by train this weekend.  In both directions the trains were stopped due to rail works.  Convenient that . I swear it had nothing to do with me.  Mr Him was undaunted.  He was going to join us on our adventure.  The day dawned bright and  he bundled me into a car and drove us to meet Mary and David.  I had  mentioned the trains scenario and we'd agreed to meet locally to me. It happened that this particular locally was on their agenda anyway.  Wakehurst Gardens.  I've written on previous adventures with friends in this wonderland, before here
Firstly the Seedbank which houses many a specimen in the event of apocalypse or perhaps seeding Mars.  I think I may send Mr Him with the seeds when they embark on that journey, seeing as the departure point would be so local.  It would be a shame to miss such an opportunity.

In the seedbank we browsed the specimens and pictures of seeds. Very pretty pictures. 

This is a peanut flower. I've never really thought about peanuts flowering. 

Next stop a valley of Redwood trees

and on to the flowering Magnolias. 

Pretty valleys

Mary taking a photo

alien plants

meandering brooks.

After a successful Walk of Foundness Mr Him took us on a Drive of Lostness. We had booked a table at a well thought of gastropub. However we didn't know where it was.  Off we went in convoy, Mr Him driving leading vehicle,  heading to the village of Ardingly to a pub of a whereabouts unknown  when all of a sudden Mr Him was Found before he became Lost.  He spied the pub on route and we did a convoy about turn in the entrance to the showground.

Here, dear reader I can now bring you investigative journalism not just from myself,  not just Mr Him but by a reader too, if you read Mary's blog. link here when she's published.

I don't know about you but it's fairly normal for me nowadays to take pics of my food,  drinks,

the decor and surrounds.  I get up and wander for picture taking.  However it's not that noticeable.  Just me perhaps wandering to the bar or the restroom and finding things along the way to photograph.  When two of you are bloggers and without consultation simultaneously stand up and go wandering around the pub taking pictures maybe it's a bit noticeable.  So dear reader don't visit a pub with a blogger. 

My wanderings took me to take photos of this wall, papered in newspaper,

This display of gardening implements

This wall of male gardener pin ups in the ladies restroom.  Yes the men did have Charlie  (Dimmock - Google her).

My food was perfect if you weren't wearing braces. I gave my braces a work out on pork followed by a meditative swooning on chocolate mousse. 

Mr Him's was  perfect if he'd wanted an undercooked burger.  He requested it to be recooked, which was done with apologies. 

We had a lovely day and darn good laugh.  Action shot of laughter coming up.

On my boring blog are the clothes pics here if that sort of thing interests you.  I did dress to tease Mary I have to say.


  1. Sounds like a fun day! Please do NOT send Mr Him to Mars. He'd likely end up on Saturn or Jupiter and freeze to death.

  2. Loft must NEVER open a branch on Mars, it could get soooo messy!
    Thanks for a fab day out, great company and boy, aren't we a pair of gigglers!

  3. Lovely outing, I enjoyed your spring photos. I've never seen a peanut flower as I can recall.

  4. I would very happily get lost in those gardens. And hooray for yet another successful blogmeet.

  5. Those gardens look like a place I would love to visit! Thanks for taking us along. -Jenn

  6. Looks like you all had way too much fun, and that what life is about.

  7. Sounds like a great and giggly day out. I've never really thought about peanuts having flowers.

  8. Thanks that was lovely . I had also never seen a peanut flower before


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