Steam Punk

Mr Him (and please don't encourage him to be a blogger. You have no idea what you'd be letting loose) found what he called a steam punk themed pub on his trip to Leeds, England.  Actually the write up shows the Editor's Draught to be based around typewriters.  Now, here is why Mr Him should not blog.  No doubt any steam he found swirling around the vicinity  was coming from him as he wrote. It's happened before in our kitchen.

I,  on the other hand, did find a steam punk pub in New York the previous week.

Link here to the Lovecraft.  May be they could be sister bars.  Steam across the ocean, sort of thing. I hope the landlords find each other.  Comment if you do fellas.
Three weeks ago I'd never heard of steam punk bars. Have they cropped up in the last month? 

I feel an adjunct to the investigate journalism coming on. A spinoff as it were.


  1. Oh yes, a spinoff investigation is definitely called for!

  2. I feel you and Mr Him have found your niche in the literary world, and what a nice niche it is too. Pub-lishing! I have NO idea what a steam punk bar is, but then I am an island girl. Oh just googled it, still no savvier.

  3. Steam Punk eh? What next? You'll be striding through Hastings in a corset next....

  4. First I'm hearing of them myself!

  5. Guess I have to Google Steam Punk before any comment as I have no idea what it is.... they are.... whatever....


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