In Search of Mighty Loft Part 2

Dear reader,  do you remember my Walk of  Lostness   'Loft'ness or to Mighty Loft    here.   That day my steps amounted to 23 311.  It was a record maintained for 7 months. It was surpassed last week when I did my second walk of 'Loft'ness.  Having walked the city of NYC for 28,646 steps I finally found the sought for mighty Loft.

And once again I quenched my thirst in a Hard Rock Cafe with a mojito. Strawberry this time. 

What did I buy and was Loft a coffee shop?  Two white T shirts, and no.   Honestly, 50 000 steps in total for 2 white T shirts! 

A warning,  if you decide to shop in Loft and visit Hard Rock Cafe in the same trip you better pack food and water in your bag and wear comfortable shoes.


  1. You found it! And got a deal of exercise in to boot !

  2. Holy crap, my legs would fall off.

  3. Good job and I like white tshirts!

  4. Were the t shirts worth it? At least this time you came away with something!

  5. That's a lot of steps, lady! Are loft t-shirts something quite special? -Jenn

  6. Just wondering what brand of pedometer you use? I love counting my steps but have never reached such a "lofty" number!


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