Thursday of Droppings

Well that was a day.  I started it by chatting on instagram Mystory about the errors I've made in throwing things out, and ended up home an hour early with a G&T in the garden. 

Here's how. 

A few weeks ago I had a mouse visit my desk drawers.  I had to empty contents into a box and have the drawers disinfected.  Following this bit by bit I emptied the box and put my papers etc back into the drawers. All but a few pieces I didn't know what to do with . As it turns out someone else did, to the surprise of me!

On arrival at the office on Thursday I found

Except for

I pondered this event for a while, 

 I also  worked, I answered emails and after a couple of hours I went to make a cuppa.  I did wonder who wanted my rubbish, and not the box, nor the 'dropping ' for that matter.

On return to my desk with my tea I found

So in fear that the culprit hadn't noticed the dropping 

Well good deed done I settled back into work. 

At 3 pm ish

At 3.50 ish

So I caught a train thinking a fine example of anything having uses,  even a mouse dropping. 


OK full disclosure,  there was a powercut across the town.  Our office decided it was a health and safety hazard as a fire alarm wouldn't work without power  so they sent us home.  Still, it could so easily have been the 'dropping. '

After that I sat in the garden in the sunshine with a lovely and unexpected G&T.


  1. We have mice at my workplace too, although I have never seen them. Just heard the legends.

  2. Good lord, someone needs to shut down my entire property, if that's the case!! Well, I'm glad you got an unexpected break out of it! -Jenn

  3. glad you got a bit of time off!

  4. Only one dropping? A rarity.
    Glad that you got the early mark though.

  5. You didn't warn me that you'd moved on to horror stories, I was terrified when reading this!

  6. Well ... it was a good end to the day.

    All the best Jan


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