Manchester, not by Sea

Dear reader,

I had the pleasure this week of visiting Manchester for work.  The majority of the time I was in a conference but did have the opportunity to see the city in the evenings and walking to the conference centre from the hotel.  I have to say that I do find this midlands city really very attractive.

Here are my pics and videos.  I will not spoil this with waffle.

First a video

pretty Manchester  

China Town

flower bed on the roof of the bus stop shelter

Canal Street in the rain

reminds me of New York

The bar of my hotel was once the phone exchange

Manchester is split into districts

A Cosmopolitan 

Gorgeous architechure.  This is a hotel I think

St Peter's square

Manchester has a sound, its the sound of trams and the tram hoots, in this video here

tram station at night

then it's time to leave  a video, again


  1. It looks beautiful and peaceful.

  2. I love blog posts like this. They provide a sense of "travel" for those of us who likely won't get there. Beautiful buildings. -Jenn

  3. It looks delightful. Love the planting on the bus stop. And your drink.

  4. Great architecture, thanks sharing


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