Mr Punch

Dear Reader,

have you heard of Punch and Judy?  It's a British children's (that's debatable) puppet show.  Here is an example from Youtube.

Mr Punch

On Saturday Mr Him decided to try the look of Mr Punch on to see if it would suit him, work, create magic.  Actually I don't know his reasoning.  I do know that I wasn't keen on this and asked him not to try it again. Below he is trying to cast a spell upon his tea. It didn't work. He still had tea, not beer. 

In other news Miss 21 brought us the most hugest cakes for afternoon tea last weekend. 

Automotive engineers cake which lasted him 3 days

Belgian Buns for Mr Punch and I (lasted us 2 days.)


  1. this look like pretty huge cakes, and yummy too.

  2. Oh my days! The Mr Punch look, and in a public place! Little did I know what was lurking in his closet when I met him.
    And I put on a kilo just looking at the Belgian bun!

  3. Not sure why I saw Punch and Judy shows in the USA as a kid. Not sure why but there were puppet and marionette shows that traveled around to the schools putting on shows. I was really scared at the violence and remember more than one kid starting to cry.


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