A London City Excursion

I've been quiet on the Anna front. Life has been peaceful, until this past week. 

During this past week all chaos on the work front ensued.  My deputy went on holiday,  I went to conferences and Petra had to hold the fort in the office.

As for my conferences, well I had eatings out and a black tie dinner too.  All started in grand fashion, with me getting lost.  My lostness was withour Mr Him, (he'd be proud of me, and particularly pleased if I joined this little lot.)

ruins near the Tower of London
I did find the Tower of London, which is rather an ironic name nowadays, I thought as I captured this pic. 

New and Old, Shard and Tower

Tower Bridge, I was to get closer than I imagined

wrong hotel

Still it gave me an opportunity to capture some unexpected photos for you.

 I found the hotel and had my day of seminars.  In the evening we went to a Dim Sum bar and had our first crackers of the season. Season!  A bit early still  I think.

spot the crackers... yes we pulled them and shared the jokes

As myself and peers left to head to London Bridge station we couldn't help but capture this view in the film below. 

   night view


  1. Love that tower bridge, we actually walked the LONDON BRIDGE yesterday In Lake Havasu City Arizona.
    I miss the crackers that we always had at our Christmas dinner

    1. Oh, I've walked that bridge too in Arizona. In August. Darn hot but had to be done. Did you notice the London Lions around it? They are from the financial city area of London. I liked the lamp posts too. Our new London Bridge doesn't have lamp posts. We do have lions dotted around our city district still though.

    2. Yes it is very hot here in August, we did notice the Lions , took a pic of them today when we went back, thanks for that input.

  2. Such a great sight to see London Bridge all lit up.

    1. It's a shame that my phone doesn't focus so well when it's filming but you know, even though we all visit or work in London frequently its something when you all (well it was 3 of us) stop and say 'I have to take a picture.'

  3. Thanks for sharing these great photos!

  4. I had an outing with crackers yesterday. Too early. Yes. Woeful jokes and ugly hats.
    Loved your London photos - particularly by night.
    Thank you.

  5. Absolutely super shots, Anna. Think I used to stay in the same hotel, back in the day, Tower Thistle? I liked it. Shame you went to the wrong hotel, hope you were wearing dependable bendables for all that bridge walking. Hope the conferences went well.


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