Videos Balcombe Viaduct and Canary Wharf

Dear reader, 

A simple blog today.  I have taken a video of our viaduct in the for.  I go over this viaduct every work day and this time of year it has an eery atmosphere as if we are travelling above the clouds.  You can't see anything bar fog.

Balcombe viaduct

Another video that I took for you was of the skyline of the Canary wharf area in London.  I visit a few times a year for work and it always strikes me as our little bit of New York.    

Canary Wharf


  1. Eery atmosphere is right, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the videos! Canary Wharf looks like Toronto too

  3. It certainly was eery perfect for Halloween!

  4. You certainly are having some enjoyable trips on that daily commute.


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