Cafe Society and Fly Fishing

Saturday morning saw me in Clapham enjoying the Nottinghillesque nature and buzz.
I joined a friend for a cuppa in Bills,  which was buzzing with the Saturday morning  cafe society.  There's  some little amateur video links below.

In the afternoon Mr Him and I went for our quarterly trip to the country show.  

Yes, onions

This time it was more a tour of friends.  We stopped and chatted with Tim at the Barmah stall. We love his Oz gear and we always have good chinwag.  Over beer this time as Tim wanted to celebrate some news of Mr Him's with him.  

Then onwards we went sampling the wares in the food and drink tent.  Two bottles of toffee vodka were purchased. One for Miss 21 for Xmas.  

photo op - rainbow over this colourful playarea

Miss 21 likes these jumpers. They're styled like a Pringles jumper.  Very classic. She normally asks me to get her one then repays me.  Expensive at £30 but an investment jumper. She should be wearing them still in 10 years.  She has a raspberry pink one and this time wanted navy.

Then I was grabbed enticed  by a friend of thirty years who was manning the fly fishing stalls. Yes, you guessed it.  Here's the evidence of my trial session.  This isn't Mark teaching me.  He wisely stayed 15001 feet away! I learnt some clever tricks with this string that I can use at home. 

 Lassoing comes to mind when Mr Him tries to escape. 
With the arrival of the autumn fair I can now feel  the season is upon us.   


  1. Those jumpers are beautiful and a bargain for this Australian!

    SSG xxx

  2. Echoing the comment above.
    Too many rainbows would be barely enough.

  3. You are having too much fun, gotta love it !

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun, I see you have started your Christmas shopping

  5. Loved the mini tour of the market.

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun, especially the toffee vodka. And looks like the weather was kind to you, but what the heck, you were ready with the wellies anyway.

  7. My daughter's living in Clapham at the moment and loving it.


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