Sante Cruz de Tenerife

Dear reader,  I promised you a picture blog on Santa Cruz of Tenerife. I'll start by saying think mini-Venezuela and you won't be far wrong.  This town is pinned to the volcanic ground by a port for cruise ships and an oil rig at one end, and an oil refinery at the other.  The middle contains a mini-New Orleans with some Renaissance along with the addition of a Spanish influence.

Join me as we walk around.

The town at one time would have had an ugly waste mountain.  This rubbish mountain has been developed into an attractive  Palmetum that is now naturally (not introduced )  a habitat  for wildlife. 


  1. beautiful photos, thanks for the tour!

  2. I'm going to have to put Tenerife on my wish list... you've whetted my appetite!

  3. Thanks for the walk-around, Anna. Loved the architecture and especially those gorgeous balconies. The palmetum looks pretty and peaceful. Sante Cruz looks like its a pretty nice place to wander around.

  4. Awesome pictures thanks for the tour.


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