How much changes in 2 weeks

I'm reading a book about the Earth being destroyed and some members of civilisation moving to an expanded International Space Station.  It's set in current times.  As I read it on holiday I can feel the story.  It's the sense of displacement and dissociation of those on the ISS  as they are detached from the events going on below that I feel.  The book is called Seveneves if you are interested.

Here in Tenerife I feel a detachment from the amount of change at home that's happened over Pokémon, until I have a drink that is.

  A text from Miss 21

it's so surreal at the moment... everyone's literally following their phones like a treasure map. we arrive at pokestops and there's already crowds of people there! mostly adults! . I've made friends with all of the neighbours.

A Facebook post from our local council 

Calling all Pokémon Go players.

We've noticed that lots of our great parks and open spaces have been chosen to be Pokéstops and we're just wondering exactly how many Pokéstops we have across the whole District.

We've found that Victoria Park and Beech Hurst Gardens in xxx and St John's Park in xxxxx are all great places to catch Pokémon but if you've found some of our other parks, playgrounds and buildings that are also Pokéstops or gyms then please let us know by posting your pictures below.

We'd particularly like to hear about the more remote Pokéstops we may have on the outskirts of town or out in the villages.

Let us know what you've found!

FB post from Miss 21

Meanwhile,  here in Tenerife I'm missing my family,  my home,  my country and my car!


  1. The Pokeman craze it taking over the world so it seems.Don't have a smart phone so no searching here.
    Enjoy your holiday and returning home to work?

  2. The hordes of Pokemon hunters are the scourge of Canada too.

  3. I only heard about this Pokemon palaver on the news 3 days ago. Either nobody wants to invite me to their Pokestop or those critters ain't so clever that they can swim across the English Channel. Yet.

  4. someone's ready to come home! Pokemon Go is crazy in Toronto too!

  5. I'll say it again. Absolutely bonkers. These people should get a real life, not a virtual one.

  6. Its the cat I miss the most when I;m away. I hope you're having a lovely time.

    I don't understand about this Pokemon Go. I thought it was a tiny game my kids used to play on Nintendo DS's?

  7. I've downloaded the thing but can't see how you catch one - and don't care, really....

  8. I dont follow that Pokémon thing. It was a hype for a few days here but I Don t hear anything anymore! Gladly!😄


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