Herding Goats

Dear reader,  yesterday I awoke to a horror story.  I found Mr Him wandering around in the dark blithering on about unleashing his goat.  Now this is not turning into one of 'those ' blogs.  Instead my first thought was he was sleep walking,  then I decided he was having a bad dream,  I moved on to the thought that I was having a bad dream. Finally I got pretty angry that I was being called a goat and what had I done to deserve this planned separation.  I decided to go back to sleep.

Mr Him awoke me and now with a cup of tea inside him and one proffered to me. He started talking of goats again. 'It's time we got in touch with our inner mountain goats', he said.

 This ridiculous notion had led him to wake  us up in the dark with a plan  to catch an early bus to a mountain of his choosing to walk up before it got hot. This latter being the most sensible part of his  plan.

You may remember that he had this notion last year and herded me up Red Mountain.  Yesterday I was herded at 45 degrees, literally, up Yellow Mountain.

Two legged goat 

Previously herded up Red Mountain in the distance 

Many views to capture 

  I found us the route down and it wasn't on our rears.  It was a gentle meander around the circumference.

Why we couldn't have gone up that way I don't know!  Oh, yes, that would be too easy for Mr Him's feisty inner goat!   I'm hiding all maps that mention colored mountains from this point on and drugging all inner animals Mr Him may have lurking.

As a reward I insisted on my inner goat  having a pizza for lunch at a little gin bar I know. 


  1. So funny, Anna. I found myself head-singing v.loudly Aerosmith's Walk This Way by the time I got to your last pic, feeling your frustration.

  2. That was a good workout, no 4 legged goats though from the sound of it. But pizza and gin for lunch made it all worthwhile.

  3. Your first paragraph made me laugh out loud! Unleashing his goat indeed!

  4. This is not what I thought it might be, which is good,

  5. The view would make that walk well worthwhile! It's fantastic!

  6. I hope the pizza was worth it! Lol. But the view is beautiful.


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