The Gift...Not

Dear reader,  it's been my birthday.  One I expect presents that glisten.  That sparkle.  My hope has been raised by Mr Him dropping hints 'you'll love your present. ' 'I spent a lot on it.'  The more he said the more my mind drifted to De Beers with the odd detour to carat.

So you can imagine my surprise when I got this. 

Actually not too bad,  a Spa voucher.  A massage perhaps.  Facial maybe. No!
Full facial threading!   What?  I didn't even know that was possible let alone know that I wanted it, which I don't. 

My reaction was incredulity.  It was shrill.  It was loud.  It was recorded.  Yes it went on snap chat for all if Miss 22's friends to see.  I didn't mind.  I wanted the world to sympathise with my life with Mr Him.  I want you to sympathise,  laugh or do what you will.  I have uploaded the video to YouTube below. (with Mr Him's approval in fact.)

I will explain that my outfit is PJs.  I thought it's my birthday.  If I want to have wine in PJs I will.

That's another thing.  Mr Him calls me a Fresian  ( as in cow ) when I wear these.  I wear them all the more for it at home after work. 

I instructed Mr Him to tell his female colleagues what he bought me.  Maybe they can give him some guidance.  I've instructed him to tell his mum,  his sister.  There has to be help for me out there somewhere.
I have to add that I did find it all funny and will eke this out purely for my amusement and his agony  for a long, long, looooooong time.   Anyway, I love him for his ridiculous ideas. The concensus is 10/10 for imagination and trying, 0 out of 10 for execution.

Will I use the voucher?  Apparently they told him I can swap it for another treatment in the spa when he bought it.  Shouldn't that have been a hint to him at the time!  Good Grief .


  1. ahaha the good thing is that he tried!

  2. Oh dear. Poor Mr Him. That video was hilarious. I feel bad for him.

  3. Poor Mr Him, at least he tried, bless him.

  4. So near and yet so far, he tried, did not hear the warnings, happy birthday xx

  5. Happy belated birthday! Mr Him, defended himself with such sincerity. clearly no malice intended. But what entertainment!

  6. Happy birthday! That video is so funny. Your reaction is fabulous! I had to laugh out loud!

  7. Did someone explain to him what facial threading was?? Maybe he thought he was buying you some sort of luxurious treatment. Maybe he didn't realize he was declaring that you had a hairy face. -Jenn

  8. Oh dear. Oh dear. When they get things wrong they get them really wrong. Perhaps you should get him a gift card for back waxing.....I've seen it advertised!


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