A Gardening Sunday

Goodness.  Two posts on our weekend!  Well miss 22 went gardening mad on Saturday.  Too much sun. Poor thing. The sun drove her to weeding , sweeping,  hosing and rearranging. 

On Sunday Mr Him was struck with a touch of compost churning and tree chopping. 

 I was then instructed to get replacement foliage from the garden centre.  This grey whatsit for the front 

and for the back some fruit trees.  A pear, now planted in the gap left from the old laurel,  and a fig that we will plant later. 

There's also a budleia

and this Black Lace.

I offered to cook lunch and have it ready for 1 pm.  Mr Him told me he needed advice first, on gardening, or rather where to put the plants.  I therefore planned on delaying lunch until  1.30 pm leaving half an hour for advice.  As it happened he got fed up with advice within 12 minutes (yes I timed it to ascertain his resilience ).

I'm about to go MIA again, much to Mr Him's relief.  I'm off to NYC.  


  1. enjoy your trip. Your photos bring spring to me.

  2. Looks like Spring has arrived at your place. NYC will probably still be cold and blustery. Dress warm!

  3. I'd like whatever that gardening bug was to bite someone around here....just not me!

  4. Putting me to shame, Team Mutton, excellent work. Wishing you lots of fun in NY, I will be intensely envious with every IG post!


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