Lunch Date with CEO

Dear reader, there is a little known, but in my world proven, positive correlation between eating a sandwich lunch with our CEO and the prior day having dental work.  Luckily I'm not invited to lunch frequently otherwise I'd be in a permanent state of mouth discomfort,  which may be their aim when I think on it. It has the affect of shutting me up I must admit. How did I discover this correlation?  Through much painful and expensive experimentation.

A couple of years ago I had a tooth out.  The next day our CEO invited me and 7 others to a sandwich lunch in his office.  This was all fine except I left my crusts.  I endeavoured to explain that I wasn't a fussy eater.  Two years later and I have an invitation for a sandwich lunch with our CEO today.  Yesterday,  I had braces fitted and now can't chew properly.  I can imagine a chorus of 'don't believe her, she said that last time, ' when I tell our new CEO I'm not a fussy eater.

Oh the lunch is cancelled!  To be rearranged.  Urgh, I feel a root canal coming along.


  1. Good luck. And I do hope that a root canal is NOT in your future. Unpleasant, uncomfortable and expensive to boot.

  2. My son just got his braces off, right before Christmas. We couldn't stop looking at his teeth, it had been so long since we had seen them without all their metal! You will be able to eat normally in a bit, once your jaws stop hurting. -Jenn

  3. How spooky. Hope it's a bit better for you today. Am impressed you are getting such great advice from your readers who've been through the brave experience. It's gotta help.

  4. I would say just grit your teeth...but not a good idea.

    These CEO's are real pains!


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