A Hangover Booked and a Walk on the Common

Dear reader,  this weekend just gone Miss 21 booked herself a hangover.  To do this she

1. Was invited to a party 

2. Decided what to wear, with lots of tucking in and out again and in again of her white shirt blouse. 

3. Went to the supermarket to buy provisions 

4 put hangover minimisation provisions on her and the  automotive engineer's pillows 

5 laid out the morning feed the hangover provisions on the floor,  no doubt with the belief that's where she'd be. This placement on the floor I thought was very honest and foresightful.

Did this all go to plan?

No, they rolled in at 5 am having walked a few miles using phone torches to alert traffic.  They did not partake of the pillow provisions.  When they emerged from bed later in the day i helped them locate the morning feed the hangover provisions which I'd put in the fridge the night before.  (I could always hand it down to them on the floor the next morning if need be, I'd decided  )

By 4pm Miss 21 felt like emerging from the house and we all went for a walk around Chailey Common. 

The heather was out

So was Trump's spare hair,

so were the pokerstops, yes, even here in the countryside,

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so were the ponies. 

 It was fabulous seeing them canter free across the land.

I've written about this common here.  I won't bore you further with the explanation but click on my earlier blog to see about the heritage nature of the site.


  1. I like Trump's spare hair! Miss 21 is very well organised.

  2. Looks like the hangover provisions were well planned and sleeping the day away helps as well. The walkabout looked wonderful, nice pics.

  3. When I was 21 I would never have thought to plan out a hangover with such precision.

  4. Love walk.
    And impressive organisations skills.

  5. The day went well, a fine one!

  6. Good thinking... especially the walking (not driving) part. Spare hair.. made me laugh!

  7. "This placement on the floor I thought was very honest and foresightful" -- hahahahahahaha!

  8. Anna, so funny! And what a foresightful mother you are indeed.

  9. And we still missed our planned paintballing session the following morning - Despite my hangover provisions


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