Mr Him's Retribution and My Chest Infection

Dear reader, much to my disappointment I have been ill this week.  I have been lain down with a chest infection.  It's been strange.  I have not had a cold at all, just serious coughing, headache and temperature.  This is why you haven't heard from me.  Mr Him hasn't heard from me either and is booking my next chest infection as I write.  

This has meant for my family that they cope without me.  Yes, cope, and this, a critical time in Mr Him's new eating regime.  Still he has, it appears, lost 3 lb this week, and without my help!

In my sickbed I have binge watched 'Pretty Little Liars' on Netflix.  Yes, even I am now hooked.  Oh, its for teenagers, you say! Really!   Actually I do only know about the series as my 17 year old was very taken with this series and recommended it to me.  However as soon as I put on facebook that I was sinking to such levels my brother quickly recommended Fargo, the series.  Similarities, yes, murder.  Fargo is grown up, true and quite a story.   Pretty Little Liars is escapism.  

Netflix is quite new to the UK and we don't yet have the library of the States but getting there. I've also joined Amazon Prime though and taken to downloading to watch on my commute.  I am watching The Man in the High Castle, Lucifer and Mr Robot on Prime. 

Whilst I whiled away my time with Pretty Little Liars Mr Him cooked me evening meals, again to the horror of my facebook colleagues.  Little did they know that a plateful of vegetables was Mr Him's retribution. Oh, what delight he took in cooking me up this, sweet potato, mushrooms, sweetcorn and a side of avacado. 

Luckily Miss 21 brought me morning tea and breakfast,

and with an empty house I made my way downstairs to get lunch, and take it to bed,

and the odd honey and lemon hot toddy, actually not so much toddy.

The most comforting of all was steam inhalation.  Again Mr Him tried to make me suffer but I quickly ascertained something was in the air. I was right, Vicks vapour rub by the bucket load had been added. 


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  2. Sigh. I hope you are much more better. Soon.

  3. Hope you feel better soon then all will be amazing !

  4. Get well soon... spring is on it's way and good health is a necessity!

  5. Has he rubbed Vick on your chest?

  6. Hope you get through with this quite soon... I add sage to my steam inhalation. All the effectiveness of Vicks without the noxiousness.


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