Mrs No Name - Christmas Tree Challenge

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, in other departments at work, not mine.  In legal they have a chocolate advent calendar suitable for, well me really.  In human resources they've had a Christmas tree competition. In finance we have the flipping auditors!  This is getting to be a habit.  

Not long ago  HR bake had a cake Bake Off and the legal team bring a dog in day.  What did we have in finance. ..year end accounts!

The HR Christmas tree challenge operates like this. You take a photo of your tree and give it an anonymous name.  The pictures are placed on a wall and everyone has to guess who's tree.   I love the anonymous names, Kate Moss  (tall skinny tree), it's not a range rover (must be a man's tree ). My favourite is Mrs No Name. What's your favourite?


  1. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

  2. I like Mrs No Name. I hope they at least shared the baking.

  3. Great idea, you need to change departments

  4. Kate Moss would want you to photoshop some of that width away...
    No name has my vote.

  5. HR departments I worked with were never like yours.... Nor legal departments.... Sounds a fun workplace you have there!


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